Boulder, Colorado

Join Nature Conservancy Magazine’s Director of Photography and iLCP Affiliate Melissa Ryan and iLCP Fellow Jason Houston for an intense 5-day, results-oriented workshop on Conservation Storytelling. Participants will focus on the thought processes, technical skills, communication philosophy, and photographic artistry needed to produce effective visual narratives for change.

Ideal participants are professional and aspiring professional photographers with solid technical skills and some experience photographing conservation related themes who want to use their photography to make a difference. Participants will be accepted based on portfolios and résumés, and the workshop will be limited to 8 photographers.

The 5-day workshop will be held in Boulder, CO. Participants will research and identify local environmental conservation themes in advance of the workshop and be ready to explore various subjects photographically during the workshop. However, this is not a technical workshop nor will we be working towards a specific story or portfolio. Through photographing in the field and classroom discussion, photographers will come away from the workshop with new skills to:

  • Translate environmental themes and concepts to strong photographs and effective projects
  • Analyze their images to evaluate aesthetic and technical refinement
  • Create powerful images that ALSO communicate vital, compelling content
  • Think critically about environmental issues to create compelling visual stories that engage viewers and will make a difference
  • Be a part of a growing, global effort to improve how we live on the planet

A tuition fee of $1500 covers the following schedule:

  • Pre-workshop: Research and coordinate with Boulder-based conservation subjects
  • Day 1: Lectures and assignment preparations
  • Days 2 – 4: Photographic exercises (daytime); critique, editing, mentorship, and discussion (evenings)
  • Day 5: Discussions around editing & preparing your work for publications/presentations, broader storytelling considerations, and creative/business advice for working with conservation organizations and on personal conservation projects

Participants are separately responsible for all travel, lodging, and meal expenses at the workshop recommended venue.

Questions? Want to be the first to know when we set the date? Please contact Jason and Melissa.