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We are a global Fellowship of professional storytellers focused on conservation impact. Meet the Fellowship.

Top-tier photographers and filmmakers

The iLCP Fellowship is made up of top-tier photographers and filmmakers using solution-based media as a catalyst for conservation efforts. With 120+ Fellows, based in 26 countries and working in 190 countries, our conservation impact has a global reach. They shine a light on issues ranging from endangered flora and fauna to climate change to ocean health. 

What is Conservation Photography and Filmmaking?

In a visually-based society, conservation photography and filmmaking harnesses the power of storytelling to further conservation goals. These stories shed light on environmental and cultural issues, solutions, and efforts; with the goal of making a positive change in the Anthropocene.

iLCP Blog

Under the spell of the ice and cold on an Arctic expedition


Associate Fellow Esther Horvath had a story she wrote and photographed published in the most recent print issue of National Geographic! The article is about her experience spending weeks on a research vessel drifting with an ice floe in the polar night. 

Brian Skerry wins an Emmy!


Congratulations to Senior Fellow Brian Skerry and the National Geographic team for their film, 'Secrets of the Whales’ winning a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Series!

Winner of Bird Photographer of the Year!


Congratulations to Emerging League Member Alejandro Prieto for winning Bird Photographer of the Year! Alejandro was also featured by the Washington Post for his award-winning image!  Image of bird at US-Mexico border wall wins contest The winning image by Mexican photographer Alejandro Prieto shows a roadrunner at the border wall. A roadrunner stopped at Trump's border wall in the Ariz. desert. A photographer snapped an award-winning image. Alejandro Prieto's photo titled "Blocked," showing a roadrunner on the U.S. side of the border wall, won the top 2021...

Winning at What Cost? Ethical Considerations for Wildlife and Nature Photo Contests


iLCP Staff member Brooke McDonough and Senior Fellow Doug Gimesy wrote an article discussing Ethical Considerations for Wildlife and Nature Photo Contests. Special thanks to Associate Fellow Peter Mather for providing images and captions.  iLCP, Winning at What Cost? Ethical Considerations for Wildlife and Nature Photo Contests

Creating Fungi Time-lapses with Adobe

Kristi Odom

Creating Timelapses with Kristi Odom -  Join photographer and Nikon Ambassador Kristi Odom on Adobe Live! Over the last few months, she’s been creating stunning time-lapses of fungi she’s been growing at home. Learn how she uses Premiere Pro and Lightroom Classic to make these homegrown pieces of art. Part 2 is all about pushing creativity and taking her time-lapses a step further. Watch and learn as she layers her time-lapse videos in Premiere Pro, then stacks them in Photoshop to create a sense of motion in a single image! Guest Kristi Odom is an internationally acclaimed...

"The Salmon Way" by Amy Gulick

Amy Gulick

Amy Gulick's latest book, " The Salmon Way: An Alaska State of Mind ," explores the unique ways of life that wild salmon make possible in Alaska. The book is the recipient of both a Nautilus and Independent Publisher Book Award, an INDIES Book of the Year Award, and has been named a "Best Indie Book" by Kirkus Reviews 

Recent Award

Thomas Blagden

In April 2021 Tom Blagden received the Environmental Impact Award from the North American Nature Photography Association for his book The Grand Canyon- Unseen Beauty: Running the Colorado River. This is his third consecutive book to win a national award, the other two being on Acadia National Park.

Grandeur of Indian wildlife

Shivang Mehta

The diversity of wild India - home to the most iconic big and small cats and species that survive in the most extreme terrains and climates.

My Locked Down Environment

Shivang Mehta

Lockdown diaries on World Environment Day As India is battling the Covid scare and the country is undergoing the version 2 of lockdown, I shifted my base to the Corbett landscape for a couple of months. My daily walks in these pristine woods resulted in some images which are a clear testimony of the fact that despite the disruption of wildlife corridors due to mushrooming of tourism infrastructure and urbanisation around some of the Indian forests, wildlife has adapted and learnt to survive amidst these settlements. While the big cats are thriving of livestock, giants like Asian...

Wild Gila

Dave Showalter

Five years deep into a Colorado River book project with Braided River , I've returned to fieldwork and look forward to an expedition to the Upper Gila River headwaters in southwest New Mexico. This will be my fourth trip to a largely unknown corner of the Colorado River watershed, collaborating with The Nature Conservancy New Mexico. I'll be teaming up with a local researcher to photograph two endangered birds - the yellow-billed Cuckoo and southwest willow flycatcher.  The autumn image in this post shows golden cottonwood trees flowing with the river channel, a hallmark of a wild...


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