Marine Protected Areas Initiative

Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are designated marine and coastal zones protected for conservation. However, classifying these MPAs is only the first step; without continued awareness and stewardship, these are nothing more than lines on a map. The success of MPAs is a combination of resource and capacity building, policy and enforcement, training, and community engagement. When MPAs are properly regulated, they can address overfishing, habitat destruction, and loss of marine wildlife, having a positive ripple effect on marine ecosystems and coastal communities.

iLCP is partnering with WildAid's Marine Program on a series of storytelling efforts. This partnership leverages WildAid's critical marine efforts and iLCP's authentic storytelling to influence decision-makers, support conservation efforts, and lead critical stakeholders and local communities to action. With WildAid, we will work with local communities to address five key aspects of MPAs: surveillance and enforcement; policies and consequences; consistent funding; training and mentorship; and community engagement. 

Photo Credits: Peter Chadwick, Keith Ellenbogen, Cristina Mittermeier. Below: Michele Westmorland, Daniel Beltra, Art Wolfe, Michele Westmorland, Brian Skerry 

We have launched this initiative with a focus on four Marine Protected Areas. Each one has unique challenges and triumphs, yet all a part of the greater conversation of ocean health and conservation. The time to act is now. 
Will you join us?

100% of your donation funds our work to:

  • Protect biodiversity including sea turtles, dolphins, sharks, humpback whales, giant manta rays, coral reefs,
  • Conserve key areas such as sea turtle nesting sites
  • Promote sustainable marine ecosystems
  • Foster community engagement in protecting their ecosystems
  • Elevate sustainable ecotourism

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