iLCP Project Fiscal Sponsorship

The Board of Directors and iLCP are happy to offer Fiscal Sponsorship to qualifying Conservation Photography projects managed and directed by Fellows.  Our goal is to facilitate the ability of Fellows to solicit project funding from Foundations and other donors who require their support to go to a US qualified non-profit charity.  This program is open to all Fellows, whether based in the United States or internationally.

General Terms

  • Projects must align with iLCP’s mission to further environmental and cultural conservation through photography.
  • Projects must have a minimum of $10,000 in projected funding.
  • iLCP charges a 9% funds administrative fee on all donated funds received.  The fee is subject to annual evaluation by the Board of Directors, and any changes shall be applied to all projects in the Fiscal Sponsorship program with 60 days notice.
  • Fundraising and solicitation of project donations are the sole responsibility of the project Fellow(s), unless arrangements are made with commensurate compensation to engage iLCP in assisting with grant writing and/or donation solicitation.
  • iLCP will issue all charitable gift receipts to donors and track reported project expenses in accordance with US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles to supply financial reports for submission to donors.
  • The Project may opt to have iLCP pay for direct project expenses of no less than $250 for a $1.00 transaction fee.  No such expenses shall be paid if funds to cover have not been received.  Under no circumstances will iLCP pay for W2 qualifying wages.  All sums paid to US based Fellows shall be subject to 1099 reporting to the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Each project shall have its own folder on our iLCP Google Drive to access and submit key documents like agreements, budgets, reports, iLCP audited statements and other documents often useful for submitting applications.
  • Further details can be found in the Sample Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement.

Application Process

  • Contact the iLCP office at to discuss your project for initial evaluation.
  • iLCP will send you an Excel budget spreadsheet to submit with your application.  If you would like to submit a different budget format please have it approved by the staff before your official submission.
  • Complete and submit the Fiscal Sponsorship Application form.
  • Submit your completed Project Budget and any other supporting documentation via the project Google Drive Folder.
  • The Board of Directors Finance Committee will review your application within 30 days.

We hope the Fellows find this service of great value and that it helps launch new and exciting Conservation Photography projects!