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We are a global Fellowship of professional storytellers focused on conservation impact. Meet the Fellowship.

Top-tier photographers and filmmakers

The iLCP Fellowship is made up of top-tier photographers and filmmakers using solution-based media as a catalyst for conservation efforts. With 120+ Fellows, based in 26 countries and working in 190 countries, our conservation impact has a global reach. They shine a light on issues ranging from endangered flora and fauna to climate change to ocean health. 

What is Conservation Photography and Filmmaking?

In a visually-based society, conservation photography and filmmaking harnesses the power of storytelling to further conservation goals. These stories shed light on environmental and cultural issues, solutions, and efforts; with the goal of making a positive change in the Anthropocene.

iLCP News

Watch Now: The Marine Action Partnership


iLCP partnered with WildAid Marine and The Nature Conservancy to share how The Marine Action Partnership (MAP) for Sustainable Fisheries is working to stop illegal, unregulated and unreported (IUU) fishing in The Bahamas. This powerful short documentary aired on Cable Bahamas and Flow TV channels as part of wider effort to bring attention to the threat of IUU fishing to legal local fishing and coastal communities.   Watch Now!

Wildscreen Festival 2022


iLCP was honored to once again be the official conservation partner for the Wildscreen Festival celebrating its 40th anniversary. As part of our partnership, iLCP created a virtual photography exhibition featuring the three finalists for the Panda Photo Story Award and the Emerging Talent. View the virtual exhibit here . iLCP was also the session sponsor for the panel Don't Look Away which included Emerging Leaguer Aishwarya Sridhar. iLCP members presenting at the festival were: Clay Bolt, Doug Gimesy, Aishwarya Sridhar, Alex Wiles, Sandesh Kadur and Jahawi Bertolli. iLCP Affiliates...

The Wildscreen Panda Awards Photo Story Exhibit is Live!


This exhibition features incredible stories nominated for the Photo Story Award at Wildscreen Festival 2022. These stories span four continents; South America, Australia, Africa and Europe, shining a spotlight on unique species and showcasing the dedication of the photographers, scientists and volunteers working on the frontlines to conserve nature.  Photographs are powerful, they can transcend language and culture, tell stories, and raise awareness about key threats to our planet and biodiversity.  Each of these photo stories tells an important story about our natural...

Congrats to the Jackson Wild Winners!


Congratulations to Senior Fellow Carlton Ward Jr. and Emerging Leaguer Katie Bryden for their Path of the Panther film which named winner in the Ecosystem - Long Form category  - awarded to the film that most effectively explores a habitat and the interconnectivity of its unique ecosystem. Congratulations also to Associate Fellow Jahawi Bertolli for his film "Planting Coral Forests", which won in the Global Voices category - for excellence in wildlife, conservation, science, social or cultural storytelling from less represented geographical and cultural perspectives. Prioritizing...

To Be a River -- New Esri Story Map World Rivers Day 2022


Read our new Esri Story Map in honour of World Rivers Day 2022. An exploration of how indigenous perspectives on the 'rights of a river' may be our best hope for their protection from further destruction. Featuring images by Neil Ever Osborne, Jeff Foot, Garth Lenz, Chris Linder, Daniel Beltra, Beverly Joubert and Alison Jones.

Wildscreen Festival 2022 Photo Story Award Nominations Announced


Wildscreen Festival 2022 Photo Story Award Nominations Announced (THURSDAY 11 AUGUST 2022): Wildscreen has announced the nominees for the Photo Story Panda Award 2022 for its 40th anniversary edition.  The nominated works - Planktonium, by Jan van IJken, Fighting the Heat, by Doug Gimesy, and Historical Rescue of Caimans in Pantanal, by Fernando Faciole - explore our relationship with nature through the medium of still imagery, from the minute details, to the global crises. Planktonium, by Netherlands-based Jan van IJken, is a photo series exploring the unseen world of living...

Photo Credits from top of page: Beverly Joubert, Michele Westmorland, Luciano Candisani, Sebastian Kennerknecht, Chris Linder, Shane Gross

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A global community of conservation photographers and filmmakers working to share conservation stories and solutions through ethical visual storytelling
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