Conservation Photography Handbook

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Conservation Photography Handbook: How to Save the World One Photo at a Time,” is a call to action, providing the tools photographers need to help preserve threatened species and environments around the world or in their own backyards. Author/photographer iLCP Senior Fellow Boyd Norton has spent over four decades successfully doing just that, and is credited with saving millions of wilderness acres through his photographs and personal activism.

In this book, Norton shares his approaches to designing powerful images that communicate the threats facing wilderness areas, wildlife, and people around the world. His expert advice guides you step by step through the process of capturing effective photographs and implementing them to educate and build support for these critically important issues. Also featured are images and techniques from acclaimed conservation photographers iLCP Fellow Amy Gulick, Alison M. Jones, Joe Riis, Bob Rozinski, and Wendy Shattil and iLCP Executive Director Alexandra Garcia.

You can purchase his book here.