Crane Song

Watch iLCP Fellow Michael Forsberg’s film Crane Song now!

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As another spring day gradually comes to an end, hundreds of thousands of temporary residents make their home for the night on the sandbars of the Platte River. Every year 80 percent of the world’s population of sandhill cranes make their way through the 75-mile stretch of Nebraska’s central Platte River Valley.

Over the last century, humans have changed the Platte River for water-resource development which subsequently disrupted the river’s natural flow. These changes have resulted in vegetation encroachment and channelization of the once wide, shallow, braided river. Along with these changes, there has been a rapid decrease in wetland meadow habitat. Both of these critical roosting habitats must be protected in order for this ancient migration to continue.

Crane Song, produced by NET Television, takes viewers on a visually compelling journey through the eyes of Forsberg and other individuals who have dedicated their lives to protect the cranes, to show the breathtaking spectacle of the sandhill crane migration and to show what people are doing to protect these birds.

You can watch the film here.