The Salish Sea Jewel of the Pacific Northwest

iLCP Fellow, Wendy Shattil and Cloud Ridge Publishing introduce The Salish Sea: Jewel of the Pacific Northwest, an epic overview of the inland sea ecosystem which includes Washington’s Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands, to the Campbell River in British Columbia. Wendy was Project Manager, Photo Editor and one of 55 contributors for this photo-driven book that also counts images by iLCP Fellows Kevin Schafer, Garth Lenz, Chris Linder, Art Wolfe, Bob Rozinski, Amy Gulick and Associates Paul Colangelo and Gerritt Vyn. 233 images are featured along with engrossing text by authors, Dr. Joe Gaydos and Audrey Benedict. The beauty, complexity and threats to this fragile ecosystem with the new name, Salish Sea, are richly illustrated in images of invertebrates, salmon and otters, to killer whales, bald eagles and even humans who call this region home. All royalties from sales of the book go to the SeaDoc Society, charged with monitoring the health of this inland sea. Purchase the book at this link. 

SalishSea FCover 72dpi