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An adolescent Lion, Panthera leo, climbing off of fallen tree.

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Cheetah, Acinonyx jubatus, cubs sitting with their mother, as she surveys the area.

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A Cheetah, Acinonyx jubatus, mother grooms her cub after its eaten.

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A Lion, Panthera leo, cub running across the green grass.

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The Beverly Joubert Collection, now represented by iLCP Image Collection

iLCP Image Services is thrilled to announce that we now represent Beverly Joubert’s extensive collection of images!

About Beverly Joubert:

Beverly Joubert is a world famous, award-winning filmmaker, photographer, conservationists and a National Geographic Explorer. She co-founded the Big Cats Initiative with her husband Dereck and together they have produced over 35 films for National Geographic, with 22 Emmy nominations and 8 Emmy Awards. They have published 12 books two in the last year of lockdowns. She co-founded Great Plains Conservation that manages over 1.5 million acres of conservation land in Africa. One of the major missions was to rescue rhinos from the highest poaching zones in Africa to safer areas over 4 years have now relocated 87adult rhinos and the great success is that 62 calves have been born in the wild. Another important initiative is creating Project Ranger during the pandemic, to keep rangers in the field to help avoid a second pandemic through poaching. All about Sponsoring a ranger, stoping a poacher and saving a species.

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