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Jun 2021
Creating Fungi Time-lapses with Adobe
Kristi Odom

Creating Timelapses with Kristi Odom - 

Join photographer and Nikon Ambassador Kristi Odom on Adobe Live! Over the last few months, she's been creating stunning time-lapses of fungi she's been growing at home. Learn how she uses Premiere Pro and Lightroom Classic to make these homegrown pieces of art. Part 2 is all about pushing creativity and taking her time-lapses a step further. Watch and learn as she layers her time-lapse videos in Premiere Pro, then stacks them in Photoshop to create a sense of motion in a single image!

Guest Kristi Odom is an internationally acclaimed photographer and motivational speaker based in Colorado:

Host Paco Siller is the Studio Manager and Video Producer for Adobe Live based in San Francisco, CA:

Kristi Odom
Jun 21, 2021

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