Seeing Red: The Line Between Conflict and Coexistence

Fladry is a technology that has been protecting livestock for centuries, and is simply a perimeter of colored flags that flap around in the wind. As spring means calving season for many ranches across the West, it also means animals like wolves and grizzlies are drawn in for an easy meal while cattle are vulnerable. The waving fladry confuses and deters would-be predators, and attached to an electrified line, it provides a non-lethal option to sharing landscapes with large carnivores. At a time when conversations about wolves and bears are reaching a fever pitch in Montana, a story about alternative solutions seems more timely than ever.

The Two Creek Monture Ranch in western Montana is an opportunity to see collaboration working as an effective tool. Along with ranch manager Wayne Slaght, state wildlife agencies, and local conservation groups, this story takes the heightened tension swirling around large predators and bring it down to ground level. It's a chance to look at a real family on a real landscape dealing with real predator issues––and the way they're fostering partnerships to creatively address them. There is so much rhetoric about the "should we/shouldn't we" debate for hunting or trapping of iconic species, and Seeing Red is an opportunity to get testimony from the perspective of those trying to make a living on a landscape that's becomes more contentious with each passing day.

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