World Rivers Day


September 24th is World Rivers Day. Celebrate the world's rivers on this guided map tour that takes you across the globe to highlight the beauty and life that rivers sustain. VIEW THE ESRI STORY MAP

Biodiversity through the Lens


During a conversation with Senior Fellow Kevin FitzPatrick, iLCP delved into his involvement with the BioBlitz concept and how it has raised awareness about endangered species in relation to the pressing issue of climate change. READ THE STORY MAP

Man of the Forest


New ESRI STORY MAP in partnership with Associate Fellow Maxime Aliaga. Read Here. 'Man of the Forest' A conservation story by iLCP Associate Fellow Maxime Aliaga

Don't Look Up, Look Around!


Founding Fellow Michele Westmorland shares her insights on a life in conservation photography.

Roots of the Sea


A new ESRI story map that explores how mangrove ecosystems are an integral life support system for our planet in honour of World Mangrove Day and in partnership with the Mangrove Action Project.

The Return of the Indian Cheetah


A Photo story by iLCP Associate Fellow, Shivang Mehta, in collaboration with Dr. Y.V. Jhala (Wildlife Institute of India), Dr. Amit Mallick (National Tiger Conservation Authority), Dr. JS Chauhan (Chief Wildlife Warden, Madhya Pradesh)...

Sacred Bond


As part of our partnership with the upcoming Wildscreen Festival in Nairobi, Kenya where Kartiki is the headliner, we have put together an Esri Story Map that speaks to the impact of Kartiki's Oscar Winning film, 'The Elephant Whisperers'.  Sacred Bond: How "The Elephant Whispers"...

iLCP & Wildscreen IG Live


Tune in June 7th at 8:30 AM EST / 6:00 PM ISTfor iLCP's sInstagram live with Wildscreen featuring iLCP members  Kartiki Gonsalves and Aishwarya Sridhar! Join us for an engaging conversation between Kartiki and Aishwarya focused on local storytelling, mentorship, and career pathways in...

Struck Gold in Virginia

Dori Rathmell

"Almost eight decades after the closing of the last commercial gold mine in Virginia, and a month before the end of a seven-year battle against the interstate Atlantic Coast Pipeline, residents of Buckingham, Virginia (USA), began hearing rumors of exploratory mining and the possible revival of...

Join the iLCP Team!


We are hiring an intern! Learn more and apply HERE

Huge Congrats to Associate Fellow Kartiki Gonsalves for her Academy Award at the Oscars!


Congratulations to iLCP Associate Fellow Kartiki Gonsalves for her win at The Academy Awards last night!  This is an incredible accomplishment for Kartiki Gonsalves and everyone who worked on the The Elephant Whisperers.If you haven't watched it yet stream it now on Netflix.

Announcing our 2023 Application Cycle


Announcing our 2023 Application Cycle! Learn more and APPLY FOR A SCHOLARSHIP.

Watch Now: The Marine Action Partnership


iLCP partnered with WildAid Marine and The Nature Conservancy to share how The Marine Action Partnership (MAP) for Sustainable Fisheries is working to stop illegal, unregulated and unreported (IUU) fishing in The Bahamas. This powerful short documentary aired on Cable Bahamas and Flow TV...

Wildscreen Festival 2022


iLCP was honored to once again be the official conservation partner for the Wildscreen Festival celebrating its 40th anniversary. As part of our partnership, iLCP created a virtual photography exhibition featuring the three finalists for the Panda Photo Story Award and the Emerging Talent. View...

The Wildscreen Panda Awards Photo Story Exhibit is Live!


This exhibition features incredible stories nominated for the Photo Story Award at Wildscreen Festival 2022. These stories span four continents; South America, Australia, Africa and Europe, shining a spotlight on unique species and showcasing the dedication of the photographers, scientists and...

Congrats to the Jackson Wild Winners!


Congratulations to Senior Fellow Carlton Ward Jr. and Emerging Leaguer Katie Bryden for their Path of the Panther film which named winner in the Ecosystem - Long Form category  - awarded to the film that most effectively explores a habitat and the interconnectivity of its unique ecosystem....

To Be a River -- New Esri Story Map World Rivers Day 2022


Read our new Esri Story Map in honour of World Rivers Day 2022. An exploration of how indigenous perspectives on the 'rights of a river' may be our best hope for their protection from further destruction. Featuring images by Neil Ever Osborne, Jeff Foot, Garth Lenz, Chris Linder, Daniel Beltra,...

Wildscreen Festival 2022 Photo Story Award Nominations Announced


Wildscreen Festival 2022 Photo Story Award Nominations Announced (THURSDAY 11 AUGUST 2022): Wildscreen has announced the nominees for the Photo Story Panda Award 2022 for its 40th anniversary edition.  The nominated works - Planktonium, by Jan van IJken, Fighting the Heat, by Doug...

New Emerging League Members Announced!


Meet our new Emerging League Members! Read more about them below and check out some of their work on our Instagram. Fernando Faciole is a Conservation photographer based in São Paulo, Brazil, who also holds a BA in Biological Sciences. His work has led him to document many different...

The Monarch's Journey


iLCP Photographers have documented every stage of the Monarch's journey. Explore our new Storymap to learn more about them and their conservation status!

Historical rescue of caimans in Pantanal

Fernando Jara Faciole

As a result of a drought never seen in the last 50 years, Pantanal, the largest floodplain in the world has turned into a desert in September 2021. Along the MT-060 highway, Transpantaneira, few streams still have a minimum amount of water' survival for the species. During the last drought, one...

Gardeners of the forest

Michiel van Noppen

Photo of the day at National Geographic Spain. The Baird’s tapir or ‘gardeners of the forest’ are extremely important to their natural habitat, with some seeds only germinating after passing through the tapir. But due to threats from deforestation and hunting, there are estimated to be only...

Welcome to our new Associate Fellows!


Please welcome the new Associate Fellows of iLCP! Roberto García-Roa is a photographer, educator and researcher based in Spain and Sweden. Roberto's work has a special focus on undervalued and less-known creatures such as arthropods, reptiles and amphibians. Sergio Pitamitz is a...

World Giraffe Day 2022


June 21st celebrates the world's tallest land mammal, the giraffe! Read on to learn about these tall animals and everything that makes them incredibly unique and vital to local ecosystems and communities. Click here to learn about these amazing animals:  World Giraffe Day Storymap

New Esri Story Map by Aishwarya Sridhar


Read about Emerging Leaguer Aishwarya Sridhar's mission to save a local wetland near her home in Mumbai, India. 

Earth Day Virtual Exhibit & Print Sale


Earth Day 2022: Invest in Our Planet This Earth Day, April 22, 2022, step into a beautiful free virtual exhibition put together by iLCP with contributions from our photographers all over the world. iLCP presents Worry to Wonder: A Climate Story, a virtual exhibit that explores climate issues...

2022 Applications for Associate Fellow


2022 Associate Fellow Applications are OPEN! Apply now through to March 29 2022! International League of Conservation Photographers, Become a Member Members are selected through an application process; applications are reviewed by a committee of photo editors, directors of photography,...

2022 Application Dates & Scholarships


iLCP is thrilled to announce our 2022 Application Cycles dates and scholarship application.  Associate Fellow Application will be open from February 25 - March 29, 2022 Emerging League Membership applications will be open from April 5 - May 3, 2022  iLCP is a fellowship of...

Congratulations to all the iLCP Fellows featured in this National Geographic Article!


Congratulations to all the iLCP Fellows honored in the National Geographic 2021 in Review article: These are our best animal photos of 2021 The photos were curated by iLCP Board member and National Geographic’s deputy director of photography Kathy Moran. Kathy stated: “Our photographers...

"Naturalista Isleño" Premiered in Dominican Republic

Eladio Fernandez

After 4 years, Eladio Fernandez finally released "Naturalista Isleño" (Island Naturalist) on November 16th. This is a 4 part documentary series that covers his conservation photography work with new species of pipe vines, endemic island magnolias, Ridgway's hawk, and the humpback whales of the...

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