Congratulations to all the iLCP Fellows featured in this National Geographic Article!


Congratulations to all the iLCP Fellows honored in the National Geographic 2021 in Review article: These are our best animal photos of 2021 The photos were curated by iLCP Board member and National Geographic’s deputy director of photography Kathy Moran. Kathy stated: “Our photographers...

"Naturalista Isleño" Premiered in Dominican Republic

Eladio Fernandez

After 4 years, Eladio Fernandez finally released "Naturalista Isleño" (Island Naturalist) on November 16th. This is a 4 part documentary series that covers his conservation photography work with new species of pipe vines, endemic island magnolias, Ridgway's hawk, and the humpback whales of the...

Krista Schlyer Fall Print Sale


We are thrilled to announce a Fall Print Sale of nine limited-edition prints of Krista Schlyer images! Running from November 11 - December 2, these prints would make a fantastic gift his holiday season. Head to this link  to start shopping! iLCP, Print Sales Print Sales

Scott Trageser Collection, Now Represented by iLCP!


The International League of Conservation Photographers is thrilled to announce that we now represent Scott Trageser's  collection of images! About Scott Trageser: From catching butterflies by age 2 to discovering new species by age 22, Scott has found his calling as a...

Brian Skerry wins an Emmy!


Congratulations to Senior Fellow Brian Skerry and the National Geographic team for their film, 'Secrets of the Whales’ winning a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Series!

Night on Earth

Art Wolfe

Every night, an often unseen buzz of activity takes place all around the globe. This gorgeous collection of photographs takes the reader on a magical journey from dusk to dawn. To create his gorgeous new book NIGHT ON EARTH (Earth Aware; 11/16/2021), acclaimed photographer Art Wolfe traveled...

Jeff Foott Collection, now represented by iLCP Image Collection


The International League of Conservation Photographers is delighted to announce we now represent Jeff Foott's collection of images! Jeff has worked for over 25 years, documenting nature and environment in both film and still pictures .Having worked in over 35 countries, he has produced over...

The Beverly Joubert Collection, now represented by iLCP Image Collection


iLCP Image Services is thrilled to announce that we now represent Beverly Joubert’s extensive collection of images! About Beverly Joubert: Beverly Joubert is a world famous, award-winning filmmaker, photographer, conservationists and a National Geographic Explorer. She co-founded the Big...

Endangered Rusty-patched Bumble Bee Population and Rare Illinois Prairie Spared

Clay Bolt

Thanks to the work of many grassroots organizers, NGOs such as NWF, NRDC, CBD, Natural Lands Institute, the Sinnissippi Audobon, and of course, the iLCP we have been able to save a remnant piece of 8,000 year old prairie, which is home to the federally protected, critically endangered...

Joel Sartore's Photo Ark, now represented by iLCP Image Collection


The International League of Conservation Photographers is delighted to announce we now represent Joel Sartore's Photo Ark! Joel Sartore is an award-winning photographer, speaker, author, conservationist, the 2018 National Geographic Explorer of the Year, and Senior Fellow of iLCP. He is a...

The desert and the sea: the Paracas desert

Emanuele Biggi

At the arrival to the town of Paracas it’s obvious to a untrained eye that you’re among a barren land, a desert in a true form, no life except human settlements. After just a few minutes that untrained eye begins its data loading, registering tens, perhaps hundreds of birds along the beach,...

Along the Bismarck Sea

Michele Westmorland

The intricate shores along the Bismark Sea is in an area called, Tufi. It's complexity is because Cape Nelson in Oro Province, Papua New Guinea, was formed by sunken rivers mouths called rias. It is also important to remember the people of Oro depend on these water ways, with access to the sea,...

Congratulations Associate Fellow Katie Schuler!


The awards for the first MontPhoto Multimedia Storytelling were announced. "Nigerians Fight to Protect the World's Most Trafficked Mammal" by iLCP Associate Fellow Katie Schuler has won the nature category.

Congratulations to all the iLCP Fellows who were honored at the 2021 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition!


Congratulations to all the iLCP Fellows who were honored at the 2021 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition!  Plants and fungi  - Justin Gilligan - winner - Juergen Freund - highly commended  Photojournalism - Doug Gimesy - highly honored  Behavior...

The Art of Seeing – Portland: Cultivating Vision and Imagination 2-Day Seminarent

Art Wolfe

What is YOUR creative vision? Join Art Wolfe for this newly developed two-day workshop in Portland and begin to discover and define what makes your photography unique to you. Kicking off on Friday October 29th, you’ll join Art for an exclusive reception. Beverages and light hors d’oeuvres will...

Wildlife Photographer of the Year Jury!


Congratulations to the iLCP members selected to serve on the jury of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition!  Affiliate Rosamund ‘Roz’ Kidman Cox OBE (UK), Chair of the Jury, editor, photo-editor and writer Associate Fellow Javier Aznar González de Rueda (Spain), wildlife...

Under the spell of the ice and cold on an Arctic expedition


Associate Fellow Esther Horvath had a story she wrote and photographed published in the most recent print issue of National Geographic! The article is about her experience spending weeks on a research vessel drifting with an ice floe in the polar night. 

Winner of Bird Photographer of the Year!


Congratulations to Emerging League Member Alejandro Prieto for winning Bird Photographer of the Year! Alejandro was also featured by the Washington Post for his award-winning image!  Image of bird at US-Mexico border wall wins contest The winning image by Mexican...

Winning at What Cost? Ethical Considerations for Wildlife and Nature Photo Contests


iLCP Staff member Brooke McDonough and Senior Fellow Doug Gimesy wrote an article discussing Ethical Considerations for Wildlife and Nature Photo Contests. Special thanks to Associate Fellow Peter Mather for providing images and captions.  iLCP, Winning at What Cost? Ethical...

Creating Fungi Time-lapses with Adobe

Kristi Odom

Creating Timelapses with Kristi Odom -  Join photographer and Nikon Ambassador Kristi Odom on Adobe Live! Over the last few months, she's been creating stunning time-lapses of fungi she's been growing at home. Learn how she uses Premiere Pro and Lightroom Classic to make these homegrown...

"The Salmon Way" by Amy Gulick

Amy Gulick

Amy Gulick's latest book, " The Salmon Way: An Alaska State of Mind ," explores the unique ways of life that wild salmon make possible in Alaska. The book is the recipient of both a Nautilus and Independent Publisher Book Award, an INDIES Book of the Year Award, and has been named a "Best...

Grandeur of Indian wildlife

Shivang Mehta

The diversity of wild India - home to the most iconic big and small cats and species that survive in the most extreme terrains and climates.

Recent Award

Thomas Blagden

In April 2021 Tom Blagden received the Environmental Impact Award from the North American Nature Photography Association for his book The Grand Canyon- Unseen Beauty: Running the Colorado River. This is his third consecutive book to win a national award, the other two being on Acadia National...

My Locked Down Environment

Shivang Mehta

Lockdown diaries on World Environment Day As India is battling the Covid scare and the country is undergoing the version 2 of lockdown, I shifted my base to the Corbett landscape for a couple of months. My daily walks in these pristine woods resulted in some images which are a clear...

Wild Gila

Dave Showalter

Five years deep into a Colorado River book project with Braided River , I've returned to fieldwork and look forward to an expedition to the Upper Gila River headwaters in southwest New Mexico. This will be my fourth trip to a largely unknown corner of the Colorado River watershed, collaborating...

Andorra al natural

Jaime Rojo

For the last year and a half I have been working in a campaign with National Geographic Spain and the Tourism Bureau of Andorra to showcase the wildlife and wild nature of this small country in the Pyrenees. What started as a very simple project has gradually become an exciting opportunity to...

Surfing face masks: Lord Howe Island

Justin Gilligan

Face masks recently washed onto the shores of Lord Howe Island from the Singapore-flagged APL England - a cargo ship that lost 50 containers in rough seas about 45 miles south-east of Sydney on 24 May 2020 while transiting from China to Melbourne. Lord Howe Island is a remote World...

Andaman Smoothound

Sirachai Arunrugstichai

New described Smoothhound from the Indian Ocean! The Andaman smoothhound, Mustelus andamanensis sp. nov. is here. :) Yay! The paper could be accessed at

The Panda of spiders: Hogna ingens, a conservation story

Emanuele Biggi

A 'critically endangered' spider, from a remote island, that only lives inside a small valley of this island. And it's the biggest wolf spider species known. That was all I needed to know to be no less than truly excited for the next expedition. It was something I deeply dreamt since lot of...

The World's Largest Bee Is Not Extinct

Clay Bolt

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