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New images of cicadas by Senior Fellow Chris Linder

100 stunning images of these unique invertebrates


World Class Visuals

The iLCP Visual Library is home to world-class, ethically-sourced photographs and video clips from around the world, taken by our Fellowship of professional photographers and filmmakers. Our comprehensive library includes compelling visuals of ecosystems, wildlife, and people involved with the natural world. Looking for more details? Check out our FAQ below! 

Pricing structure

iLCP's pricing structure and policies, while targeted to the non-profit conservation community, ensures that our Fellows are fairly compensated for their photography and videography. We advocate that all organizations recognize that visuals have value and the creators deserve compensation for their work. 

How it works 

Step 1: Submit a request through Photoshelter or contact our Visual Assets Manager, Meg Severide at

Step 2: The iLCP team will send you a visual usage agreement and estimate.

Step 3: Send payment

Step 4: Receive visual assets (files)

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Benefits of Licensing through iLCP

Support conservation

iLCP net revenues from licensing go directly back into programming to continue making a conservation impact.

Use ethically-sourced content

Our Fellows have committed to uphold the organization's ethical standards and principles. Ethics are critical to conservation organizations as well as their clients and partners.

Access our global network

If a requested visual is not available in our library, we will make a request to the full Fellowship, who may have an ideal image or video clip in their personal archives.

Competitively priced

iLCP's pricing is competitive and ensures that our Fellows are fairly compensated for their photography and videography.

Customized Licensing Plan with fixed price

We'd like to set up ongoing relationships with publications that need images on a regular basis. If you come to us regularly for images, we're happy to set up a fixed licensing fee that works for both parties.

Connect with our lead curator

iLCP's lead curator is available to help you select custom-tailored visual galleries to meet your criteria and define your project.

Photo Credits from top of page: Sergio Pitamitz, Steve Winter, Clay Bolt, Tom Vierus, Peter Mather, Staffan Widstrand, Sirachai Arunrugstichai, Staffan Widstrand, Alison M. Jones, Beverly Joubert

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