Tier Expectations

The criteria below provide a broad set of guidelines regarding the expectations that iLCP holds for Senior Fellows, Associate Fellows and Emerging League Photographers (ELP). These standards are used for judging applications for advancement within the Fellowship and for the selection of new Associate Fellows or Emerging League Photographers. In the applicant review process, certain criteria will weigh more heavily than others and the selection committees may take additional considerations into account.

Quality of Photography

  • Senior: Excellence in all skill areas, a broad publishing record, and substantial recognition within the photographic community.
  • Associate: Has mastered most of the critical photographic skills but demonstrates one or more areas of weakness that with time, mentorship, and access to iLCP resources can reach the quality of work expected of Senior Fellows.
  • Emerging: Shows inherent natural talent and significant promise in photography and would clearly benefit from access to the iLCP network. Has perhaps mastered one or two skill areas, but shows concerted efforts to improve in all areas through projects, learning, assignments, etc.

Conservation Outcomes

  • Senior: Has worked towards clearly defined conservation goals and can demonstrate a variety of positive media and communications outcomes from efforts undertaken over the course of her/his career.
  • Associate: Has completed at least two conservation projects that involved a major media and communications campaign with a conservation partner or high-profile publication.
  • Emerging: Has yet to demonstrate tangible conservation outcomes, but is working on one or more projects that could benefit from his/her photography

Strong Advocate for iLCP and its Goals

  • Senior: Participates in some or all of the activities of the organization (expeditions, exhibits, image licensing, speakers bureau, committees, etc) and supports the organization with time and engagement in meetings, conferences, photo festivals, etc. to be selected as a Senior, must have demonstrated this type of commitment and engagement as an Associate.
  • Associate: Is enthusiastic about joining iLCP and has made an effort in the past to engage with the organization by connecting with staff, working/connecting with existing Fellows, attending iLCP events, etc.
  • Emerging: Has demonstrated interest in iLCP, understands our mission and purpose, and is familiar with the organization’s activities and the work of our Fellows.

Publications and Awards

  • Senior: Has been widely published and recognized for achievement in photography and/or conservation on multiple occasions and by highly regarded publications or photography events.
  • Associate: Has been published on a number of occasions and has earned some recognition for achievement in photography and/or conservation by highly regarded organizations or photography events.
  • Emerging: Has been published for conservation photography work and/or, has earned some “young/emerging” photographer recognition from established photograph

Conservation Project Longevity

  • Senior: Has committed to at least one personal conservation photography project and has demonstrated long-term engagement in the same.
  • Associate: Is in the early stages of what he/she plans will be a long-term project.
  • Emerging: N/A.


  • Senior: Willingness to share expertise with Associate Fellows and mentor Emerging League Photographers.
  • Associate: Willingness to coach Emerging League members, engage in community learning efforts, lead workshops, etc.
  • Emerging: N/A.