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We’re raising $20,000 for our Rapid Response Fund in order to allow iLCP photographers and filmmakers to cover critical, time-sensitive conservation issues. Through campaigns like this our visual storytellers have documented environmental disasters such as the Australian bushfires, illegal mining in Peru, the plight of mountain gorillas in central Africa and many more challenges that threaten communities and ecosystems worldwide. Please help iLCP continue to shine a light on these unpredictable events that need immediate action. 
Every donation directly impacts conservation. Thank you for your support; any amount is greatly appreciated!

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A global Fellowship

We are a global Fellowship of professional storytellers focused on conservation impact. Meet the Fellowship.

Top-tier photographers and filmmakers

The iLCP Fellowship is made up of top-tier photographers and filmmakers using solution-based media as a catalyst for conservation efforts. With 120+ Fellows, based in 26 countries and working in 190 countries, our conservation impact has a global reach. They shine a light on issues ranging from endangered flora and fauna to climate change to ocean health. 

What is Conservation Photography and Filmmaking?

In a visually-based society, conservation photography and filmmaking harnesses the power of storytelling to further conservation goals. These stories shed light on environmental and cultural issues, solutions, and efforts; with the goal of making a positive change in the Anthropocene.

iLCP News

World Reptile Day Story Map


There are over 10,000 species of reptiles worldwide, and 20% of them are threatened with extinction. Take a look at out new ESRI Story Map featuring the work of iLCP Photographers! Reptile Awareness Day 2023 There are over 10,000 species of reptiles worldwide, and 20% of them are threatened with extinction.

The Beverly Joubert Collection


iLCP Image Services is thrilled to announce that we now represent Beverly Joubert’s extensive collection of images! About Beverly Joubert: Beverly Joubert is a world famous, award-winning filmmaker, photographer, conservationists and a National Geographic Explorer. She co-founded the Big Cats Initiative with her husband Dereck and together they have produced over 35 films for National Geographic, with 22 Emmy nominations and 8 Emmy Awards. They have published 12 books two in the last year of lockdowns. She co-founded Great Plains Conservation that manages over 1.5 million acres of...

World Rivers Day


September 24th is World Rivers Day. Celebrate the world's rivers on this guided map tour that takes you across the globe to highlight the beauty and life that rivers sustain. VIEW THE ESRI STORY MAP

Biodiversity through the Lens


During a conversation with Senior Fellow Kevin FitzPatrick, iLCP delved into his involvement with the BioBlitz concept and how it has raised awareness about endangered species in relation to the pressing issue of climate change. READ THE STORY MAP

Man of the Forest


New ESRI STORY MAP in partnership with Associate Fellow Maxime Aliaga. Read Here. 'Man of the Forest' A conservation story by iLCP Associate Fellow Maxime Aliaga

Don't Look Up, Look Around!


Founding Fellow Michele Westmorland shares her insights on a life in conservation photography.

International League of Conservation Photographers

A global community of conservation photographers and filmmakers working to share conservation stories and solutions through ethical visual storytelling
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